[They have] managed our taxes painlessly for the last several years, and has helped guide us through incorporation, getting appropriate insurance, and two parental leaves, both by providing us with valuable advice and by referring us to other trustworthy professionals.
[They] truly understands the finances of getting started in practice and setting you up in life, and does so in a very personable fashion.
We have referred many medical friends [their] way, and they all do the same - a trustworthy ally in what is a foreign land to many of us!



We will be available to you, work with you and understand your goals. We will only work with great advisors who can support you like we can. We will let you focus on being a Doctor.


About Us

Michael’s Story

I started working with my Dad in 2006 at his accounting firm. I did not know if this would be my calling but after I achieved my Chartered Accountant designation as top 1% of writers, I knew this was my calling. While studying for my exams, my wife, graduated Medical School in 2009. I learned that while many people want to work with Doctors, most do not truly understand their needs. As a spouse of a Doctor, a trusted advisor for many Doctors, I saw a need to provide a holistic approach to advising Doctors - starting with Tax.

Tax For Doctors was born out of this desire to service Doctors while using Technology and a Big Picture approach.

Michael has the following designations:

  • Chartered Accountant, Chartered Processional Accountant

  • Certified Public Accountant (Arizona)

  • Trust and Estate Practicioner (TEP)

  • Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA)

  • CICA In-Depth Tax