We will set up your systems so that we can take care of your bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is the details of how your business is doing. Good bookkeeping reduces risk and allows us to focus on your Practice, opposed to the issues that grow with bad records.

As we deal with lots of Doctors we know already how to find your revenue coming in, your benefits from provincial bodies (like CME reimbursements) and we know what we should be seeing in your records, helping us to identify what is missing.

Did we mention that we have a pretty cool receipt tracking system that we give to all of our clients?

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Personal Tax Returns

We love Tax and we will professionally prepare your returns. By heavily focusing on Doctors we can identify tax credits that you may have missed or benefits you may have not claimed. Overall, we will help you attain the best refund for you.

Oh - and if we make a mistake - don’t worry, we will take responsibility to make you whole.



Accounting Systems Setup and Support

Having the right systems from the start will save all of us a lot of headache. It is like having the right tools for a surgery. We have a suite of products that we recommend our Doctors adopt so that everything goes smoothly. All of the products are backed by well established companies and your information is safe with them.



Audit Shield - Professional Fee Waiver

You may be doing everything right, but the CRA wants to check. Sometimes these are pretty straight forward, sometimes they are not. Sometimes you deal with CRA auditors who are competent, sometimes you do not. Our clients have access to Audit Shield which protects them from professional fees that can come out of a CRA audit. (some limitations apply).

Corporate Financials and Tax Returns

Once your records are up to date, we will take them and make you financial statements and file with the CRA (and applicable provincial bodies) your information. When the bank asks for your financial statements - no problem - just send them our way.

Are you not Incorporated? No problem, we can still make financials for you, on request, as the information most of this information is still needed for your personal tax return.



US/Cross-Border Personal Tax Returns

Are you a US citizen or doing a rotation in the US? We also prepare 1040 and 1040NR returns for clients. As a US Citizen, there are lots of traps you have to be very wary of - for example - US Citizens should not incorporate or use certain tax vehicles their Canadian peers may recommend.

If you did a year in the US, we can help you with that too - either through our office or one of our US partners.


Payroll Setup and Support

Got employees? Or maybe you are employed by your own corporation? Do not get hit with penalties or worst get a liability from an employee for not paying them correctly. We partner with a Payroll provider (and get you cheaper prices) to make the headache of payroll much simpler.


Legacy (Estate) Planning

Leaving a legacy for your children, your community and your family is very important to us and our clients. Whether it is a financial legacy, a philanthropic legacy or just a legacy of being home for dinner. Let us help you. We have experience in developing Trusts and Estate Plans with our clients and their other advisors to reach your goals. We also have experience and training in family dynamics, family governance and the soft-side of legacy planning.