YES! We Will Do Your Bookkeeping - Here is how.


Tracking receipts sucks! You lose them, they get buried in your email or just you forget to get them in the first place. For this reason we provide all of our clients with a subscription to ReceiptBank. It allows you to store your receipts in a secure online environment and to upload them by emailing them in or taking a photo with your phone. Super Easy! This is by far the favourite app for our clients.



You need a software for tracking your business - no the excel will not do for the long term. We have partnered with Quickbooks Online (Intuit - who also brought you Mint). Quickbooks Online will download your bank transactions and will allow us to keep on top of your bookkeeping should you need a report for the bank or for a quick discussion.



Do you have employees? Are you an employee of your corporation? Being late on payroll can be expensive (up to 10% of the amount you did not remit to the CRA). Wagepoint will take care of this for you. It will take the money from your business, pay the CRA and pay the employees. It will also track vacation pay, holiday pay and generate the reports you will need for WCB. Many Doctors use the program to set their own budgets by becoming an employee of their own Corporation and living within their pre-determined salary - allowing them to save money for retirement.