Technology is Meant to Simplify 


We know that being a doctor is not a desk job nor is it a normal 9-5. Between seeing patients, being on-call and attending CME thinking about tax is not what you want to focus on. You need a way to easily track receipts, store important tax documents and know if there is going to be a large unexpected tax bill.

Our solution is a technology package that puts you in control over managing all your financial transactions and important documents so you can be confident you are on top of your tax situation at all times.


The Technology Package

As much as possible, the software applications (apps) we implement are cloud-based. The key benefits to these apps are their easy of use and accessibility. We aim for the apps to be usable by anyone that can operate a smartphone and are accessible from any device (phone, tablet, laptop, computer). The setup with us is easy. We walk you through every step of the way. Once setup, we are also available to support you with their use.

Do you already work with a bookkeeper? Great! We will be happy to arrange for training for whomever is going to be doing the work.