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What makes a Technology focused accounting firm different from the rest is that we focus on getting your systems set up in a way that suits your needs. We also want these systems to be as technology driven as possible as less work and greater accuracy makes us all happier.

Here are some of the technologies we like to use...



We want to learn about you. Why did you become a Doctor, what are your goals and what are your needs. Every Doctor is unique, even though you may have the same job as your colleague you are not the same person. During these calls/meetings/Skype meetings feel free to ask us questions or discuss whatever is on your mind.



Once we know more about you and your comfort with accounting, tax and technology we will present to you our recommendation for systems to implement to meet your needs. If you don't like any of the systems, fine, we will go back to the drawing board. If you have your own ideas, that is fine too. Our goal is to get you to be the most efficient doctor when it comes to accounting and tax. We also want to learn from you - what have you heard that is cool out there? The better the systems, the more available the cloud, the more efficient we will all be.



Based on what we learn from you, we will present to you three different pricing plans. You can pick which one makes sense for you and if you need to change it next year, we can. Nothing is ever forever.



We have agreed on pricing. We have agreed on the systems. Let's get started! After an orientation on how to use all of the apps and how they integrate to provide you the best systems we will be able to start our journey together... to infinity and beyond!

Don't Forget - If you need help along the way, just let us know. If you have some weird tax questions, shoot it over. We are available through the phone, Skype, email and that little button in the corner of the screen.