Our Philosophy - At TFD we believe that pricing should be determined before the work is done. To do this we arrange an introductory phone call to discuss what your needs will be and then we will develop the pricing that works for both of us. We price based on the value we provide and we will work with you to develop the appropriate price for your needs.

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Starting at $375

Package includes:

  • Personal Tax Returns for you and your family with tax optimization
  • Annual tax planning meeting
  • Best practices for doctors
  • Working with your various advisors (ie. insurance, investment advisor)
  • Correspondences throughout the year
  • Self-Employed income (up to $25,000 in revenue)
  • Estate planning support by a Trust and Estate Planning (TEP) practicioner who is specially trained in trusts, insurance and estate planning tools
  • Support in dealing with CRA reviews
    • Optional: Audit Shield CRA professional services insurances
  • Access to great third party advisors


Starting at $900 ($75 per month)

Package includes:

* Everything from the Employee package PLUS

  • T2125 Self Employed Income Schedule
  • Quarterly check ins
  • Templates / Processes to support your record keeping
    • Optional: Outsource your bookkeeping to us
  • Support for you payroll questions
    • Optional: Outsource your payroll to us
  • Subscriptions to best-for-you software at significant discounts
    • Optional: 2 Hour apps implementation and set up meeting
  • Estate planning support
  • Access to great third party advisors, with a split of referral fees if applicable


Starting at $3,000 ($250 per month)

Package includes:

*Everything from the Employee Package and the Self-Employed Package PLUS

  • Professional Notice to Reader Financial Statements
  • T2 Corporate Tax Return Filings
  • Tax slip filings (T4, T5)
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Invsetment accounting services to ensure you get the best tax treatement for your investments
  • Tax On Split Income (TOSI) Planning
  • Passive Investment Tax Planning
  • Complimentary subscriptions to best-for-you apps