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We know Doctors, and we know that between studying for your Royal College Exams and looking for a position, setting everything up on the accounting, insurance, legal and banking side is not something that you want to devote a huge amount of time too, but you know you have to. We are here to simplify this process and guide you along the way. 

What is included in the Get Started Right Package?

Introduction Meeting - This is an opportunity for you to get us and see if we are the right fit for you. We will listen to any concerns you may have and get an idea of where you see yourself needing support.

The Planning Meeting - We will take the information from the introduction meeting and draft a plan that is customized to your needs. We will present the plan to you so that you can tell us if it works for you.

Building your Team - Based on the plan developed, we will introduce you to some great people who can work with you to get the plan going. If you already have advisors, great - we will be happy to work with them. (You can see some of the people we work with here: Advisors We Trust)

Meeting Preparation - We make sure you are prepared for the meetings by providing a list of questions to ask and information the advisor will need. When possible, we will also participate in the meetings with you.

Set Up Tax and Accounting Systems - We will set you up with systems to simplify your record keeping and accounting to minimize your tax costs. You can see some of the programs we use on our Technology page.

Regular Meetings - We believe getting organized is important, but staying organized is equally as important so we arrange regular meetings, based on a frequency that works for you, to listen to your progress and challenges, answer any of your questions, and discuss if we can support you further.

Add On:

Centralized storage  - We will keep copies of your important documents for you, whether it be your mortgage papers, your life insurance policy or just a list of your advisors. This allows your advisors, your family members or anyone else you wish to share the information with to have only one place to reach out to, us.

Note: We recommend that all meetings be done by phone, a video call, or in-person (Vancouver and Edmonton).