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the TFD Free Tax Return Program

Are you in medical school or residency? Are you tired of building up debt?

We offer FREE tax returns for those in medical school and residency. 

Note that we have a limited spots available for this program, so contact us quickly!

What is included?

Tax return

A return will include your T4, a T2202A (tuition), CMPA dues, T2200 (if applicable to deduct employment expenses) and other basic items like RRSP contributions and some donations.


We deal with lots of Doctors at various stages of their careers. We know that there are questions that come up throughout the year and we want to be able to guide you in the right direction so that you can get started right.


Your life is busy. We want to use technology to keep it simple. Whether it be booking meetings, calls over Skype or figuring out electronic record keeping, we will figure out how to simplify your years so you can focus on studying and your training.


YES! For every referral that results in us completing the return for the Doctor we will provide you with a gift card to use for whatever you wish. (only one Doctor can benefit from each referral - so make sure you are first!).

What are some of the 'exclusions'?

The following may result in additional charges - investment reporting, casual work income (over $20,000 in revenue), CRA audits, adjustments to previously filed returns, work required for family members and various other not-typical transactions at this point in your career. All additional fees will be billed at discounted rates.