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Frequently Asked Questions


To be a Doctor you must have curiosity. See the questions already posed about our services.

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Do you deal with lots of doctors?

Yes! This website is an offshoot of Sadovnick Morgan LLP a CPA firm located in both Vancouver and Edmonton servicing numerous doctors at various stages in their careers.

Are you a tech firm or accounting firm?

Taxfordoctors.ca is part of Sadovnick Morgan LLP a licensed CPA firm in both British Columbia and Alberta. We are a firm in good standing with both CPABC and CPA Alberta.



I HAVE AN accountant already. why should i switch?

You don't have to. If you have an accountant that you are happy with and is providing you with great service, I recommend that you stay with them. However, if you are visiting our website, we are guessing there is something missing.