We are Tax Experts


The most complex and high-risk aspect of your accounting services will be taxes. How can you minimize them without getting in trouble? How do the constantly changing tax rules impact you? What can you do and what can you not do? 

We are your tax resource. Our team of tax experts (yes, they are experts) are available to you whether it is for a quick tax question, an audit or you want to clarify something you heard from another Doctor.

Our job is to make sure you don't overpay on taxes and your strategies are optimized for the ever-changing tax rules.

Here are some "tax" issues you will need to deal with as a Doctor:

  • Financial statements
  • Corporate Taxes (if incorporated)
  • Personal Taxes 
  • T-Slips
  • Payroll 
  • GST (depending on your business)
  • SR&ED
  • CRA inquiries and audits
  • Tax planning to minimize taxation
  • Consultations on various investment, insurance or other tax strategies that may pop up.



Tax Package

Our yearend solutions are designed to reduce the amount of time from you to as close to zero as possible (we highly recommend using our technology and bookkeeping package to make this happen). We will work with you to identify all your needs and make sure all your filing requirements are met.